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As a student or young person, it's not easy to find a room in Groningen. You often have to be patient to find the perfect studentroom. Or you might be lucky enough to hear from a friend that a studentroom is available somewhere in Groningen. Ghuus knows how difficult it is and therefore helps you find your dream place in this cosy student city. How do we do that? Very easily, by offering available student rooms and youth housing in Groningen in one central location.

Find a Room in Groningen with our offer in one place

Ghuus is like a friend who informs you when a studentroom or flat in Groningen becomes available. But then with a supply of several living spaces for students and young people. We are the housing platform that works together with housing corporations in Groningen, such as Lefier, Nijestee, Patrimonium and de Huismeesters.

We also work together with Woonborg and Wierden and Borgen. These corporations also provide studentrooms and youth housing in and just outside the city. When a studentroom or studio becomes available in Groningen, the housing corporations inform us in time. This way, you don't have to check the housing supply of every housing association separately. This will make your search for a room in Groningen even easier. 

Find available rooms in Groningen:

€308,29 / mnd
Damsport 35-KMR 1construction year
€310,50 / mnd
Damsport 125-KMR 2construction year
€338,32 / mnd
Damstersingel 2-KMR 1energy label
construction year
€430,56 / mndClean rent: €357,26
Dierenriemstraat 100-31/k5energy label
construction year
€458,29 / mnd
Duindoornstraat 105-KMR 9energy label
construction year
€343,33 / mnd
Eendrachtskade 76-KMR 1construction year
€346,32 / mnd
Eendrachtskade 98-KMR 1construction year
€170,58 / mnd
H.W. Mesdagstraat 14-B KMR 5energy label
construction year
€387,30 / mnd
Van Heemskerckstraat 3-D KMR 3construction year
€363,83 / mnd
W.A. Scholtenstraat 15-B KMR 3construction year
€420,69 / mnd
Werfstraat 1-B KMR 3energy label
construction year
€459,63 / mnd
Werfstraat 1-B KMR 6energy label
construction year

Renting a studentroom in Groningen: more chances with Ghuus

You have a better chance of renting a studentroom in Groningen with Ghuus, because we have a large supply of housing available in one place. That is not the only advantage. At Ghuus, you also pay a fair price for a student studentroom or youth flat. This means that you can rent a room in Groningen without any worries and also in a reliable way. We also consider it important that you live well, but above all safely.

Should anything be broken, then repair will be arranged quickly. This is another aspect where we make a difference. This also applies to the convenience that we offer with the complete range on the Ghuus platform. Of course, the pleasure of living is just as important to you as it is to everyone else, and it is nice to have your questions answered. That is why you can always contact us if you want to know something about a neighbourhood, studentroom or youth flat.

- Carefree renting
- Safe living
- Fast repairs
- Optimal living enjoyment

Studentrooms Groningen: having the time of your life

A room in Groningen gives you the freedom as a student to have the time of your life. Your own domain in the lively student city is the best basis for optimally experiencing your time as a student. It's nice to have your own place to study, have friends over and arrange everything yourself. The place that you might have dreamed of for some time, you will find it at Ghuus. 

There are usually dozens of student studentrooms, studios or appartments to be found that will soon be available for rent. If you see a nice studentroom in Groningen on offer, just check which corporation owns it. You can then register through that channel. For this process, it's best to be registered at WoningNet Groningen anyway. You can accumulate points there and if you have more points, you will be offered a studentroom even sooner. That makes responding to a studentroom in Groningen even quicker and easier.

Room rental Groningen: reliable and involved

Ghuus is the platform for studentroom rental in Groningen that is reliable and shows commitment to students and young people. When it comes to renting rooms in Groningen, we only work with reliable parties. That gives a trusted feeling. Furthermore, we provide convenience by letting you search for a studentroom in Groningen based on your requirements.

Find the ideal Room in Groningen

Use Ghuus  to find your house and your own studentroom in Groningen. Don't forget to register for the newsletter, so you'll always receive the newest studentroom in Groningen.

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