Want to rent a independent studio in Groningen?

Want to rent a independent studio in Groningen?

Groningen has been a very popular student city for years. Many young people stick around after their student days and start their careers here. Once you're working, we can imagine that a studenthouse, despite the cosiness, no longer suits your lifestyle. A spot for yourself will be so delicious.

The housing associations in Groningen don't just have terraced houses and big buildings. They also have several apartments and independent studios in Groningen.Are you curious about which studio is now for rent in Groningen? Then take a quick look at the available studios on our website.

What do you have in a studio?

This can be very different. There are studios where you have everything for yourself, like a bathroom or a kitchen. There are also studios where you also share a number of facilities with a roommate (or more than one). But in most cases you have an entire house to yourself.

Useful tips if you are going to rent a studio in Groningen!

If you are just going to live on your own, you have to arrange a number of things. For example, you must register in the municipality of Groningen. You can easily do this on the website of the municipality in Groningen itself. In addition to having changed your address, it is also useful to change your address at organizations from which you receive mail. Think of your bank, insurance or your energy supplier.


If you still live at home, maybe your parents arrange all subscriptions? If you live on your own, you also want to watch Netflix and chill right? You do need internet for this. Sometimes the housing association arranges this for you, but in some cases you also have to take out a subscription yourself. Think of a subscription for internet or TV. You may also have to take out a subscription for water or electricity/gas. Choose a supplier for this yourself.

Dentist or doctor in Groningen

Do you already have a dentist or doctor nearby? If your tooth breaks after a night out? Or do you suddenly need a doctor? Then it is very useful that those facilities are nearby and no longer at home. Therefore, quickly find a doctor and dentist near your new house in Groningen.

Rent allowance for your studio

Have you already applied for housing benefit? For many studios it is possible to apply for housing benefit. Depending on your income and age. For more information, visit the website of the tax authorities.

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