The best and coolest city in the world

The best and coolest city in the world

Without a doubt, Groningen is the world’s best and coolest city to study in. The Uni and the Hanze - top rankings! And perhaps even more importantly: a brilliant atmosphere, everything within cycling distance, pubs that never close and a world-class selection of fantastic festivals. Let’s make tracks to Noorderslag. Or Paradigm.

Groningen is on the radar and young people are arriving in their masses - not just from surrounding areas but from the rest of the world too. Thousands have come here to study from Germany, China, and pretty much anywhere you care to mention. Wander across the Grote Markt and you’ll hear all the world’s languages. Marvellous.

Student housing Groningen

There’s a downside to this success, though. It has become exceptionally difficult to find good, affordable accommodation in Groningen. There’s little availability. Finding a room in a private student house is tricky, especially if you’ve still to establish a network here and you don’t speak Dutch. Too often, rental costs are ridiculously high. Fraudsters are active online, renting out rooms that don’t exist. Not easy to deal with if you’re from Pekela, never mind Paris, Peking or Potsdam.

Living space Groningen for everyone!

So are we just letting this slide in Groningen? Not at all. We exist - the housing associations. We have a social objective: decent accommodation for everyone. We rent out almost 10,000 rooms and studios to young people in the Groningen area. And we’re building thousands more. Affordable rent, good service, fair terms and conditions.

Really? How can I be sure of that? Well, that’s why we’ve set up Ghuus! Ghuus shows you what the associations have available to rent and what else is being built, so everyone can find a good place to live at a fair price. Ghuus helps you search, in two languages, so that ultimately everyone who wants to live here can find decent accommodation and therefore is truly able to get the most from Groningen: the best and coolest city in the world. 

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