Student house in Groningen

Student house in Groningen

You can probably imagine. A student house with all kinds of young people who make noise, make a mess and don't take life too seriously yet. Student houses in Groningen are indispensable. Sometimes you cycle through the city and you think you are cycling past a pub. It turns out to be a student house haha. But what is life like in such a student house? And do other people really suffer from it as much as you might think? I will try to answer these and a number of other questions in this blog.

What is life in a student house like?

Life in a student house is special. You often only have a bedroom that is your own and you have to share everything in the house. You share the toilet, bathroom, kitchen and living room. That also means that you are always dependent on each other. You cook together, eat together, watch television together and play games together. As a student that is of course very nice, there is always something to do. The disadvantage may be that you can't be on your own much. Of course you have your own bedroom, but in many cases it is too small to really sit comfortably for a longer period of time. You must always think about each other. If a housemate has exams, you can't just throw a party. You have to take all these things into account when you live in a student house.

Groningen student residence: burden or not?

You may sometimes wonder whether such a student residence is actually a burden for the city. Often a lot of noise and rubbish, that must be annoying for everyone… Well, in Groningen that is not so bad. In fact, student houses in Groningen simply belong to Groningen. Because Groningen is such a large student city, it is full of student houses and students. So it is unthinkable that you will only encounter beautiful, new and quiet houses. The average person from Groningen will agree that Groningen is partly formed by houses that are full of screaming students. Sure, if you live underneath or next to it it can be a bit noisy at times, but most student houses are surrounded by other student houses, which means that the inconvenience is not too bad.

Is a student residence always dirty?

Many think that a student house is always dirty. Pans that have been in the sink for weeks, food scraps scattered over the stove and dirty toilets and showers. That is not always justified. Many student houses fanatically keep cleaning schedules to ensure that they do not end up living in a very dirty house. It is not only important for the students to keep a student house clean, but this can also be a requirement for a landlord. Sometimes landlords want students to keep their homes clean and tidy so that the damage won't get to big.

Why does a student have to live in a student residence?

As a starting student, this can be a question that keeps you busy. I choose a room with more privacy, or a student house where I can meet more people and where there is always a buzz. I can tell you why you should go for a student house: First of all, it is very cozy. You live with many friends and there is always something to laugh or to discuss. Furthermore, the social aspect is very important. If you come from far away as a student, it is not easy to just build friendships in Groningen. You have to get to know people and I think there is no better place than in a big student house. You live with a large number of housemates, so you don't have to put in a lot of effort to get to know people. It's fun and an easier way to form very close friendships.

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