Rooms in Groningen: what do i need to know?

Rooms in Groningen: what do i need to know?

Groningen is one of the biggest studentcity's in the Netherlands. Student come from all over the country and world tot study in the Nothern city. Groningen is a city who is alive and has something to offer for all kinds of people. If you follow a study, it's also nice to have te overall student-experience. Like living in a big studenthouse and have some nice roommates. But what's it like to live in Groningen? How can you find a room and what are the costs? In this blog we will explain...

Studentrooms in Groningen: how about that?

It's difficult to describe the typical studentroom in Groningen, because there are so many different ones. There are rooms with their one kichen, but also rooms with their own toilet. Some students have a livingroom and a bedroom, others only have space for their twinbed. One thing all rooms have in common, you always need to share something. Think about a kitchen, a bathroom or a toilet. 

Lots of people think that studenthouses are very dirty. That they have mice and leftovers on the kitchen table. That's not always the case. Groningen has many student houses or building who are well maintained and have good envoirments.

Rooms you can rent in Groningen

Student rooms in Groningen are usually small and efficiently furnished. Because you share many spaces, many students do not need a very large room. Nevertheless, in this blog we want to distinguish between two types of rooms: rooms with a GK and rooms without a GK. Probably some readers are now wondering what a GK actually is. GK stands for shared living room. A shared living room is a living room that you share with all roommates. Many houses in Groningen consist of a number of bedrooms, a bathroom, a toilet and a GK. Students who live in a house with a GK often have a smaller room of their own, because they do not need to be in the room in addition to sleeping and studying.

Other student rooms in Groningen are slightly larger, because they are in a house without a GK. In these types of houses, your student room is a bedroom and living room in one. The rooms are bigger, because you simply need more space. Some students say that these types of student rooms are less cozy, some students say that these types of rooms are more pleasant, because you have more privacy. In any case, there is something for everyone to choose from in Groningen.

Room rental Groningen at Ghuus

But are you now getting a student room in Groningen? Because there are so many students who want to live in this beautiful city, it is not always easy. Especially if you are not from the region it can be difficult, because you do not know people who can help you in the city. In addition, there are many providers with many different types of rooms and different prices. The housing associations in Groningen have joined forces to help you find a suitable room. Lefier, De Huismeesters, Nijestee, Patrimonium, Wierden and Borgen and Woonborg have jointly introduced the Ghuus platform. This platform shows an extensive housing supply of student rooms in Groningen and Haren. By registering with the cooperative that offers the home of your choice, you can get the home. Please note, the longer you are registered, the more chance you have of actually getting the house. The advantage of this platform is that you do not have to search separately on the websites of the cooperatives. You can see the entire range easily and clearly on one website. 

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