Meet Grobos

Meet Grobos

Het Grobos is the only residents’ association in Groningen that fully consists of students. We represent all students and other young people renting from Lefier, as well as other housing associations in Groningen.

Student housing Groningen

Het Grobos is short for Groninger Bewonersoverleg Studentenhuisvesting, quite a mouthful. We are the tenants’ association for all students who rent housing from Lefier, but we also strive to be of help for all other young tenants in Groningen. We try to act on behalf of our members by giving Lefier (unsolicited) advice on a wide range of issues that concern tenants. This ranges from advice on improving the sustainability of appartment buildings by renovating, to possible compensations for residents’ associations.

Furthermore we concregate with other tenants’ associations in the provinces of Groningen and Drenthe in the form of the NOL (Noordelijk Overleg Lefier) and we do so as well in the city of Groningen with the KAR (Klanten Advies Raad). By conferring with other tenants’ organisations and by stating our views to Lefier, we can put across our issues a lot better.

Student building Groningen

This year (2020) we would like to visit all student residences of Lefier to discuss common problems with tenants and residents’ associations, so we can address them with Lefier.

If you want to discuss our policy with us or if you are experiencing any kind of problems in your residence or with Lefier, do not hesitate to email us on or fill out the contact form on our website: On our website you can also find our policy plan for 2020 and find out who our board members are.

We wish you the best of luck in finding a room or apartment in Groningen!

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