“From the peace, space and comfort of my parents’ home to chaos and learning to share”

Puck (20)
 “From the peace, space and comfort of my parents’ home to chaos and learning to share”

I was 18 when I moved out to live on my own. The two-hour journey to Groningen was much too far. I was completely up for it - but what a massive change! Not only did I have to do and organise everything by myself, I had ten housemates to contend with. Does this sound like you? 

Ten housemates is a lot, but we’re hardly ever all there at the same time. Especially in the early days, it was nice to have someone around for a chat or to eat with. When you live with a lot of people, there’s more likely to be someone you really like. We all get on well and we do fun stuff together. Finding such a house was actually not difficult at all. There are plenty of available houses.

Our home in Groningen

With boys and girls living in our house, things can get quite messy. If nobody clears up their glass after we have drinks in the living room, that’s ten dirty glasses. So it doesn’t take long for the house to get pretty dirty. A cleaning rota with weekly tasks is our solution. Cleaning the toilet, scrubbing the stove or mopping the floor - nobody enjoys doing it. But if you don’t do your bit, you’ve got to put extra cash into the housekeeping kitty.

Roommates in my student residence in Groningen

From time to time, my darling housemates do give me grief with their noise. For example, if I have to work early and one of them stumbles home late, or someone’s having a party in their room. We settle these kind of things in the mandatory monthly house meeting. We also use these meetings to make fun plans, like the joint summer barbeque outside or a themed basement party.

What suits you best? Do you like to get in on the action and meet lots of people quickly, or do you prefer peace and privacy? 

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