Container home Groningen: a good choice, or not?

 Container home Groningen: a good choice, or not?

You will probably see them when you cycle through the city. Large complexes with all houses that look like containers. And they are also containers, container homes to be precise. The houses were built to house many young people who study in the city. Students can easily and relatively cheaply rent a container house in Groningen and can therefore stay here during their student days. But why should a student actually live in a container house? What are the advantages? In this blog we try to explain it to you.

Small, but efficient container house in Groningen

A container house is not big. You see that when you look at it from the outside and it is no different from the inside. These are homes that are really intended for students who need a place to live during their studies. Because container houses do not have crazy corners, it is easy to organize efficiently. This allows you to ensure that your container home is fully equipped, without feeling trapped in a room with only furniture. Because container houses have their own kitchen unit and bathroom, you are completely self-sufficient. You do not have to share all kinds of rooms with other students who live in the complex, as you have to do in a student room in Groningen, for example. It will therefore really surprise you what possibilities the relatively small space of a container home offers.

International allure with a container house in Groningen

It is one of the most beautiful properties in Groningen. The thousands of students from all over the world who live and study in Groningen during the school year. Everywhere you go you hear languages ​​from all parts of the world. Many international students live in a container house. So if you walk across the complex where all the container houses are, you will find yourself in a place where all kinds of cultures come together. You will learn to deal with cultures that are very different from what you are used to and you may learn languages ​​that you never thought you would eventually speak. Groningen shows itself at its best when you live in a container house.

Price of a container house in Groningen

A container home is generally cheaper than renting a real studio. Because container homes are efficiently furnished and can be built easily, you as a tenant pay less than usual. An additional advantage is that you do not have to register with an energy supplier. That is all included with the house. You don't have to search for an internet subscription either, because the complexes are built in such a way that there is usually one provider who can deliver for all apartments. No complicated hassle and a decent price!

Rent a container house at Ghuus

At Ghuus you can find various container homes that you can rent from various housing cooperatives in Groningen. Ghuus is a platform specially set up for young people to find a suitable student residence or youth residence in Groningen. The cooperatives Lefier, De Huismeesters, Nijestee, Patrimonium, Wierden and Borgen and Woonborg have joined forces to offer students and young people a home for a reasonable price. Ghuus' offer offers container homes from Groningen from various cooperatives. By clicking on an interesting property you will be forwarded to the cooperative that actually offers the property. So choose a nice affordable container home where you can enjoy all the beauty that Groningen has to offer in an international atmosphere!

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