Apartments in Groningen

Apartments in Groningen

Groningen is of course known as a real student city. Every year at the end of August, thousands of students flock to the city to study and enjoy all the beauty that the student city of Groningen has to offer. Many of these students then end up in their student rooms, where they often live together with many people. 

But does Groningen also have something to offer for young people who have graduated? Can you also rent a nice apartment in Groningen and still enjoy this young city? In this blog I try to give you an insight into renting an apartment in Groningen.

Renting an apartment in Groningen: the city has a lot to offer

As a young graduate, Groningen has a lot to offer. The city is always alive, but can also provide the necessary tranquility if you need it. In Groningen you are never far away from beautiful, relaxing nature. In addition, the city center has a lot to offer, cozy pubs, good restaurants, a good museum, various sports clubs and much more. With the Noorderplantsoen, Groningen has a park where you can walk or run and the beautiful university buildings throughout the city provide a wonderful classic character. Renting an apartment in Groningen is not nearly as difficult and expensive as in the Randstad. Groningen has many beautiful apartments where you as a young person can enjoy a wonderful time.

What kind of apartments does Groningen have?

In Groningen you can find many types of apartments. If you are looking for a new apartment then you don't just have to look outside the city, many new projects have resulted in very nice new apartments in recent years. But Groningen is also the right place if you are looking for a somewhat more classic apartment. The city has beautiful old buildings with beautifully renovated apartments. Also in terms of price, you can safely live in Groningen compared to the Randstad. Sure, it is not cheap living, but if you look at what the city has to offer then in my opinion it is well worth it.

How can I rent an apartment in Groningen?

Renting an apartment in Groningen can be done in various ways. You can get to know someone who rents out an apartment where you can live, but you can also search for available apartments online. If you go for the online variant, Ghuus is a platform that can help you well. At Ghuus you will find all apartments offered by the housing cooperatives Lefier, De Huismeesters, Nijestee, Patrimonium, Wierden and Borgen and Woonborg. You can easily click on a home that you find interesting and that way you will end up on the page where the youth home is offered.

Rent apartment for 2 people

Apartments in Groningen are cheaper than apartments in the Randstad. Yet it is not the case that you live for next to nothing. Living is simply expensive, also in Groningen. Because of the costs a bit too busy, you see that many young people start living together in an apartment. I am not talking about the couples, because it is logical that they will move in together. No I'm talking about two friends, or girlfriends. To make living in a nice apartment more affordable, many young people join their financial forces and rent a beautiful apartment together in one of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands.

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